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work-in-progress [18 Nov 2025|07:00pm]

Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent
LIFE exists elsewhere in the universe is that
none of it has tried to contact us.

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[25 Sep 2023|06:04pm]

Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent
LIFE exists elsewhere in the universe is that
none of it has tried to contact us.

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007 [25 Nov 2015|10:25pm]
I can't...

Oh gosh! I'm sorry for the mess there. My hands aren't very steady at the moment. I'm so nervous... and excited... and nervous... I can't believe it.

this is like the best thing ever!!!

006 [19 Nov 2014|12:10am]
Why would anyone do something like that?

005 [08 Nov 2014|09:15pm]
I honestly didn't think anything this nice could happen around at Halloween at all. And certainly not to me! But... Oh, it's just... wonderful! I haven't been this happy in so long.

And it's so nice to see that there are others finding their own happiness too!

004 (January 21st 2004) [21 Jan 2014|07:25pm]
I feel terrible that I've only just heard what happened at the Ministry yesterday. How terrifying it must've been for everyone that was there.

I can't even help. I mean, I can help, obviously. It's not like I'm a horribly selfish person. But I just can't help... I mean, I'm not a Healer, I'm not an Auror or anything like that at all and I just sit here feeling useless.

003 (13th October 2003) [13 Oct 2013|09:16pm]
I'm pretty excited about this week. I decided to sign up for the Lovegood's next expedition; I figured it'd probably be about my only chance at ever travelling abroad. It should be an interesting trip even if I don't quite believe there are Crumpled-Horned Snorcacks; although I'm a lot more than a little worried about having a flat to come back to.

This place might not be much but at least I've a roof over my head and it's something that's just mine - instead of having a room and having Thyme coming in there all the time bugging me about something or other..

I really really want to go on this expedition; but it means I won't be working and that means no money which means I might not make rent this week and... I don't know what to do. I could ask my parents; but I hate having to ask them for money when I should be able to get my own. And I don't like having to borrow from friends either and... I have some money saved up; but that's supposed to be my savings so that I can eventually... some day... buy my own little place and not have to rent flats like this.

I really hope I can figure something out.

002 (4th August 2002) [04 Aug 2012|10:34pm]
Oh dear sorry. I can't seem to stop sneezing. I always thought it was strange to get a cold during summer. It's like one of those um... oh, like an oxymoron.

This is going to make rent a bit hard to make up this week, since I'm certainly not feeling well enough to work.

001 (16th July 2002) [16 Jul 2012|06:31pm]
People are looking at me a little strange. You'd think they'd have never seen a person juggling before. I made sure that it was just balls and not... whoops nearly dropped one... What was I saying... Oh right, made sure I'm just juggling balls and not something crazy like flaming batons. Although that would actually be fun, if a bit difficult to juggle.

It's International Juggling Day. It is not a made-up holiday. Yes, it really is real. No, I'm not lying. Yes, I've actually got a job.


Some people are rather rude. Although I think I'm getting rather good at this juggling I didn't drop anything whilst I was talking to that person...

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